Our suits and jackets are made in the time honoured tradition by skilled tailors.

We believe in making suits that are suited for the customer. In this way suits are designed to take into account our clients needs in relation to occupation, sense of occasion and personality. Our suits are generally constructed in lightweight and more flexible manner. The philosophy is based on the relationship between someone being more comfortable in their clothing and feeling more confident and attractive due to that added self confidence.

All cloth is cut by hand and made on an individual basis.

We differ from most made-to-measure tailors as we cut a pattern based on measurements and not vary an existing block to the customer.

Our suits, like all most of our other garments are available in three lines, which differ in quality and are priced according to budget and personal preference.


This is our gateway to the DeeR brand. Suiting priced at ready to wear prices but with maximum customisation.

  • Fully customisable including lapel width,fit, pocketing, choice of buttons, monogramming
  • Suits feature a half canvas chest piece.
  • Handsewn sleeve linings at the armhole. Picstitching on lapels and pocketing.


This line of suits feature everything above, plus the following:

  • Padded felt canvas under collars
  • Custom made shoulder padding
  • Floating Italian coat front canvas
  • Hand set and sewn armholes
  • Corozo Nut or Horn Buttons
  • Curtain pleated pants waistband
  • Free Monogramming
  • Personalized styles & craftsmanship
  • Additional Handwork available


The highest quality possible sewn by artisans in tailoring workshops in Naples, Italy.

All of the features of the above with added handwork including hand-padded interlining in the lapels and chestpiece, handworked buttonholes.

Sartoria Cervadal cuore 2

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